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Tarek Hamade
Tarek Hamade

Director of Environment & Infrastructure Solutions, Wood

Dr Tarek Hamade is the Director of Environment and Infrastructure Solutions division at Wood in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and supports operations in the wider Middle East. His work experience covers North America and the Middle East, and spreads over projects in environment and infrastructure (including environmental and water resources), oil and gas, mining, and clean energy as well as their project management.

He is also the Project Director for a series of high-value projects in KSA; managing mega baseline studies covering off-shore and on-shore elements; delivering specialized studies covering: ESIA studies, atmospheric air quality modelling, municipal and industrial waste reuse strategies, TSE reuse studies and upgrading treatment plants, flood management studies including impact of climate change, GHG inventorying, and odor assessments. He has also worked extensively on construction and engineering management of multi billion dollars complex projects.

Moreover, his works covered developing and implementing complex remediation designs and cleanup operations on heavily contaminated sites. He implements an integrated management approach to project execution during all design and construction phases.

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