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The Reverse Trade Show was an opportunity to be briefed on a number of customers immediate technical challenges, then meet face to face to review and discuss in detail proposed solution.

The Reverse Trade Show opened up business opportunities for companies with solutions to potential customers technical challenges.



1. New Technologies to capture vented gas: We are looking for technologies to capture vented gas and re-inject it into a nearby pipeline. Such technology would lead to reduction or even elimination of flare and SO2 emissions.


2. New Technologies to reduce LDAR emissions: We are searching for any new suitable technology that can offer reduction of LDAR fugitive emissions. Any technology or equipment that helps to achieve this objective would be of interest, for example, Low-E valves, new type of stem valves, connections or flanges, sealing applications, etc.


3. New Technologies for treating hydrotested water: We are looking for technologies or portable equipment to treat the water which has been used for pipeline hydrotests. After the hydrotest, water is polluted and mixed with hydrocarbon contaminants. We would like to treat that water so that it can be used for tertiary purposes, e.g., irrigation or others.


4. New Technologies for TPH (Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon) analysis: We are looking for portable handheld devices which can perform TPH analysis in the field. By using such technology, users can immediately analyze soil content for contamination. Currently, such technology exists (e.g., REM Scan) however the cost is unrealistic. We are looking for more cost-effective solutions.


5. New technologies for Portable flare meter: We are looking for portable flare meters for burn pits (ground flares). Such technology should be easily attached and detached and could be carried from location to location in order to provide accurate measure of flared gas.


6. New technology to treat mercury waste: We are looking for cost-effective technologies to support the recycling of mercury wastes. Mercury waste is an industrial hazardous waste and currently no solution is available in KSA to manage this waste in an environmentally friendly way.


7. New technology to treat drilling waste: We are looking for new cost-effective technologies to support the recycling or recovery of drilling waste and cuttings. Drilling waste constitute a significant waste stream generated from Company’s rig sites. These technologies must be mobile in nature and scalable to address different site conditions.


8. New technology to treat desiccants / adsorbents: We are looking for new cost-effective technologies to support the recycling, regeneration of spent desiccants/adsorbents. These are desiccants/adsorbents are utilized in various oil and gas processes in Upstream and Downstream and once they lose effectiveness, they become an industrial waste stream that must be managed properly.


9. New outlet: We are looking for outlets for sulfur produced from sulfur recovery process (SRP) from Oil Refineries in KSA. Sulfur is produced as a byproduct of removing sulfur from hydrocarbon through sulfur recovery process (SRP) in the natural gas and petroleum industries and can be reused in several applications such as: manufacturing of Fertilizer, Sulfuric Acid, Vulcanization, Sulfur-enhanced Asphalt, Sulfur Concrete, Nitrogen Removal in Wastewater Treatment and NaSH – NaSH, can be used for metal removal in chemical industry, lignin removal in pulp and mill, leather processing, manufacturing of organic chemical intermediary.

10. New Technologies for Petroleum Based Construction Material: We are looking for technologies that could be employed to use Petroleum derivatives for the production of alternative Construction Material to replace the traditional energy intensive, nonrecyclable and unsustainable construction material such as cement, building bricks, Aluminum, wood and steel. The new construction material should be reusable, changeable, environmentally conscious and durable.


11. New Manufacturers for Petroleum Based Construction Material: We are looking for new startup Materials Company who can utilize the above technology, once developed, for the manufacturing and supply of the alternative positively conscious type of Construction Material that can be used in the building industry for what we will coin as “House Of Oil”. The company should use petroleum derivatives as a main source of raw material and be able to deploy a process in which all products are designed with the “End in Mind”; How can we utilize the same construction product/material at the end of its current use.



A Technical Challenge Session was held on the 17th May & 18th May , in the exhibition seminar room, where each technical challenge was presented to an audience of pre-registered Solution Providers via a 10-minute presentation and 5-minute Q&A session.

Before the Challenge Session, Solution Providers registered their interest in any number of challenges listed. 


After this Challenge Session, solutions providers were able to book a face to face meetings with the Technical Challenge team to share details of their proposed solutions.

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