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Meshari Alquwayzani
Meshari Alquwayzani

General Director, National Center for Waste Management

Meshari Alquwayzani is the General Director of sector development at the National Center for Waste Management, he’s responsible for strategic planning and performance measurement, business development, financial sustainability, and stakeholders management. Also, he’s oversee the development of the masterplan for waste management and national waste strategy.

Before joining the center, Meshari has held many positions and responsibilities in different sectors, including Director General of Export Eco-system at the Saudi Export Development Authority, where he managed the trade facilitation activities and export intelligence, also working on improving trade-cross boarders to increase non-oil exports.

Also, he was a regulatory advisor at the Saudi Food and Drug Authority, where he was oversee the technical regulations and standards on national and international level such as; WTO, WHO, FAO.

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