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Dr Abdulaziz Aljodai
Dr Abdulaziz Aljodai

Corporate Programs Director, Technology and Innovation, SABIC

Dr. Abdulaziz ALJODAI is the Corporate Programs Director, Technology and Innovation, at SABIC. He held various technical and leadership positions in project management and R&D fields, including the role of Research Fellow, the second-highest technical position in the company. He is a key expert member of the EU-GCC Clean Energy Technology Network, funded by the European Commission.

He is a named inventor of numerous patents at SABIC, mainly in plant-wide chemical process development, renewable energy and environmental fields. Dr. Aljodai is the technical leader of the carbon capturing and utilization project at SABIC affiliates. He also served as SABIC's counterpart leader for the blue ammonia supply chain demonstration that resulted in the shipping of 40 tons of high-grade blue ammonia from KSA to Japan in 2020. Besides these responsibilities, SABIC selected Dr. Aljodai to lead the Technology Early-career Development (TED) program that aims to accelerate talent development for early-career scientists and engineers.
Dr. Aljodai has received many prestigious awards recognizing his contributions in the fields of energy, carbon management and circular economy. Among these are the Golden Excellence and Innovation Recognition, IEEJ Recognition in Japan, OPEC Energy Recognition in Austria, and Green Technology Prize in Switzerland.

Dr Aljodai has represented the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in COP21 Paris, G20 Japan, Climate Week NYC and other high-level events where he presented and chaired several technical sessions. He is a US UOP engineering fellow, with a PhD in chemical engineering and a master's degree in industrial management from WV USA and London Business School, Leading Change, UK.

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