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Damien Trinder
Damien Trinder

Director, Sustainable Development, Neom

Damien Trinder is the Director of Sustainable Development at NEOM, supporting the company’s commitment to the protection and enhancement of the environment in and around the NEOM region.

He focuses on using efficient and effective methods of planning, design and construction whilst simultaneously developing a comprehensive environmental regulatory system that meets international protocols and standards.

Throughout his career of more than 25 years, Trinder has developed expertise in marine science, sustainable development and community and stakeholder engagement. Prior to joining NEOM, he served as Offshore Marine Environment Lead at Tengizchevroil in Tengiz, Kazakhstan. In this role, he oversaw the development and implementation of the offshore marine components of the company’s Environment, Labour and Community Management System, while also facilitating implementation of the projects ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems and International Finance Requirements.

Trinder has also held roles at Chevron Australia, specializing in environmental management planning, environmental risk assessment and nearshore and offshore infrastructure construction. Prior to that, he was Principal Marine Ecologist at the international consulting firm Environmental Resource Management, where he advised clients including Japan Energy, Shell and the Australian government’s Department of Defense on the design, review and implementation of environmental programs.

Trinder holds a Master of Environmental Science in Marine and Coastal Management from the University of Western Australia and a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology from the University of Tasmania.

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